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4 Fragrant Additions to a Man’s Wardrobe

When it comes to understanding more about masculinity, it is the scent of a man that determines scales tilting in his favor. Although, there is a wide range of perfumes available in the open market, there are only a few which bring out the best in an individual, especially when the desirability quotient is taken into account. 

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a lot at 4 fragrant essentials which can add a certain level of sophistication to an existing wardrobe while increasing the chances of him getting noticed:

  • Fragrance Wardrobe for him by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Here is an exquisite Dappertastic collection, featuring eight  of the most fragrant, Made in France perfumes; suitable for myriad occasions. Most importantly, this collection is best suited for men who are always on the lookout for perfection while making it a point to wear divine perfumes, regardless of the time of the day. Some of the more desirable scents include the Grand Soir, Masculin Pluriel, Baccarat Rouge, and Amyris Homme.

  • Black Soap- Perfumed

While perfumes are extremely potent when it comes to moving decisions in a man’s favor, this silhouette from Liza White is equally capable of achieving similar feats. Most importantly, this product also takes care of the aesthetics as it has been sculptured as black soap, despite being a collection of handcrafted perfumes. 

This fragrant addition comes across as a mature concoction of mysterious resins and delicate flowers and even features exquisite perfume oils. Most importantly, it gets infused within the body as it’s meant for washing the surface and leaves a delicate yet divine scent. 

  • Musgo Real Classic Gift Set

Every deal on Dappertastic is a good one and this MusgoRealGift set is certainly worth taking the plunge. While the classic cologne is extremely potent with spicy sandalwood notes added precisely with vanilla and patchouli, the real shaving cream is something that leaves a refreshing aroma after a wash. Although we get a shaving brush as well, it is the aroma of the cologne that tilts most scales in favor of this popular gift set.

  • Armani Prive Perfume- Limited Edition

Here is a limited edition product from Armani Prive that has many takers and while this perfume has a strong yet pleasing aroma to it, the Made in France product is premium and meant for individuals who   prefer smelling good, regardless of the time of the day.

Top notes feature aldehydes, white pepper, and neroli essence

Heart Notes feature white tea, peony, iris, and ambrette

Base Notes feature cashmeran, vanilla, white musks, and frankincense

All these scents, soaps, perfume, and more can be bought from Dappertastic without breaking a sweat. However, it is advisable to surf through the extended range of products before making the final pick. 

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