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With the season of holidays upon us, Dappertastic offers up a fresh wishlist of treats and indulgences. Take your pick from a selection of gift sets featuring the most unique grooming products in Dubai.

Claus Porto’s Deco assortment gift set makes a bold statement, with charming, patterned labels. Behind every design lies a unique narrative that evokes decadence, art and nature. The first designs debuted in late 19th century and early 20th century. They remain a production-line mainstay.

Deco was first launched as a collection of soaps, all of which are blended with shea butter for a moisturizing effect. The range has grown to offer products such as body wash, body cream, hand cream and mini soaps.

Banho: This Set contains a Banho hand cream enriched with shea butter, jojoba and argan oil, a Portuguese porcelain soap dish and a 150g Banho soap, wrapped in its iconic china-blue and orange pattern. The scent boosts the fresh, citric aroma of lemon and verbena. This is combined with musk to add depth to this breezy fragrance. It is presented in china blue and orange packaging, that is representative of Portugal’s Azulejo tiles.

Voga: This set contains a Voga hand cream enriched with shea butter, jojoba and argan oil, an exclusive porcelain soap dish and a 150g Voga soap wrapped in its unique red, white and blue pattern. Voga’s fragrance plays with the blossoms of the acacia tree, which is native to Portugal, and sweet tuberose. These notes, combined with mimosa and musk, create a light yet captivating scent.

This luxurious Perfume discovery gift set by MFK Paris is an exquisite pick for men who love to mark their presence with a sophisticated fragrance in the air. A perfect companion for day or night. This item is a unique pick by Dappertastic personal shopper.

The Marvis Toothpaste Discovery Set brings together seven favorites from the Marvis collection of luxury toothpaste, including Classic Strong Mint, Whitening Mint, Licorice Mint, Jasmin Mint, Ginger Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Aquatic Mint. Each one comes in a 25 ml tube delivering fresh, long-lasting and delightful flavors in a convenient travel size. 

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