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Here are some Home and Office Décor Essentials that Deserve Special Mentions

Be it decorating the office with items of significance or rendering a decent makeover to the place of work, Dappertastic comes forth with some excellent décor-centric assortments, catering to diverse tastes and requirements. While selecting the most appropriate might be a bit tricky considering the extended set of options on offer, it eventually pans down to the existing décor and pairing the same with the most relevant selections.

In the next few sections, we enlist some of the best and most-sought after accessories for the job besides making postulates regarding prudent purchasing habits, in regard to home and office décor.

Prayer Mat

Here is a classic prayer mat with decent dimensions that also supports dry cleaning. While adding this as a part of existing home décor is extremely desirable, the double sized layout is certainly a great aspect pertaining to the same. Moreover, this handmade mat also comes equipped with a dust bag and is further decorated with gemstones at all corners. 


Constantinople Plate

This is a beautifully designed plate made up of porcelain with inspirations dating back to the Ottoman Empire and Constantinople. Designed carefully by Italian artists, this home décor essential features abstract decorations and even adorns powerful yet abstract characters.

Scented Candles from Neom

The pack of six scented candles comes across as a decent home décor entity, capable of accentuating the state of interiors with exceptional fragrances, complete bliss, sensuous tranquillity, and real happiness. While each candle comes under a different name, there are diverse set of essential oils associated with each one of the variants.

Origins Canteen, Corkcicle

We all have a tendency to stock up plastic bottles at home and office which aren’t exactly aesthetic and complementary to the décor. However, the Origins Canteen comes across as a necessary item that can be purchased online and offers a better alternative to the users for storing water and other liquid forms. While this can be a ready to gift option as well, it scores over the plastic counterpart courtesy the existence of triple-insulated layout, silicon bottom, and easy gripping option. 


The Aurora Clock

This is an exciting home décor essential, made up of ash wood and mahogany. What’s exceptional to look at is the mechanical piece that’s made up of wood besides working on cohesion with the supporting brass pins, bearings, and springs— made up of Japanese and English steel. Moreover, this handmade entity also comes across as a decent gifting option.

Topkapi Porcelain Plate

This is a handmade decorative item with Italian roots adding a sense of magnitude and class to the overall creation. The white surface on display looks mesmerizing and the shade of eternal blue is added delicately to depict diverse domes and other abstract scenarios. Moreover, this décor item is made up of porcelain and is still quite affordable considering the creativity on offer.

As mentioned, these are some of the more sought-after home décor essentials available at the Dappertastic store, at highly competitive prices. 

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