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Home and office gifts: Porcelain & Ceramics

Two thousand years after it was discovered, porcelain remains as remarkable as ever. Used to create some of the best home and office products, it offers a modern and bold choice for a timeless gift. Dappertastic Dubai presents a unique selection of Porcelain as well as ceramic accessories for your home and your office. Learn more about our home and office gift products and check out our Home & Office collection online for great gift ideas. 

Topkapi Collection by Vito Nesta

Explore this handmade collection of porcelain plates created by Italian designer Vito Nesta for Les Ottomans. The unreachable palaces of the Ottoman Empire have inspired imaginary stories throughout the centuries. Vito Nesta places the spectator behind the palace gate, so that he can only see the front view of those places which have inspired poets, writers and travelers. 

Nesta is an art director, decorator and artisan. He is driven by his attraction to foreign cultures, using his travels as a form of inspiration. His creative thoughts are expressed through projects of graphic and product design, interior decor, photography and painting. 

The minimalist style and subdued color palette make this collection perfect both for your home and for your office. It can be used as modern art pieces on your wall, themed dinner plates for your table or coins tray on your console.

Constantinople Collection by Vito Nesta 

This beautiful collection of porcelain plates designed by Vito Nesta for Les Ottomans makes the far away world of Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman empire, materialize before your eyes. 

It comprises an opulent combination of human shapes and animal figures neatly decorating ancient domes. The collection showcases vibrant colors and rich scenes from the daily life of local communities that lived in the city. The center of each plate references Islamic art patterns seen through the region during the era. Use it when entertaining guests at home or to create an eye-catching composition over the coffee table.

Sultan Collection by Les Ottomans

Les Ottoman’s sophisticated homeware offering includes this mesmerizing ceramic plate collection depicting the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The glory of the Imperial court manifests in the limited-edition pieces both through the illustrated portraits and the luxurious look and feel. Each plate features digital Ikat print and is handmade in Italy. The decadent colors and style will add a refreshing touch to your wall, tables and display cabinet. If you are trying to find the perfect modern gift for your dear friends and partners abroad, a plate from this collection will surely delight and impress.

At Dappertastic we place great importance on bringing stylish living concepts to our clients in Dubai and the UAE. Shop online for great home and office products from a variety of luxury brands, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

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