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Finding Great office decoration items online

Whether you want to overhaul your work space or motivate your team, choosing the right office decoration items will certainly elevate your mood and productivity. Creating a comfortable and inspiring workspace is one of the principal factors towards work satisfaction. Moreover, your office space is a physical representation of your style, values and personal brand.

It is important to think about the ideal mix of aesthetic elements and functional requirements when contemplating a physical change in the work environment. As a great part of one’s day is spent at the office, office tools should also be durable and superior in terms of quality and functionality. 

Complete your desk space with the best office accessories available online through Dappertastic Dubai. Pick one of the wonderful pieces below and turn your office into an inviting space for you and your team.

Art pieces

Artworks will make your office space look more thoughtful and inspiring. Hanging works of art is a great way to shift the focus from work to an imaginary world of beauty. Showcase your artsy side with this unique artwork by New York based artist Samantha Dion Baker. A perfect decorative piece for your office coffee corner.

Italian leather

Treat yourself to a new collection of work essentials from Italian design firm “Pinetti”. Choose from a selection of leather bound notebooks, zipped folders, trays and laptop bags. Available in a variety of classic shades and leather types that blend easily with all corporate environments. 

Letter opener

Add an attractive touch with this chic golf ball letter opener from Biancardi Italy. The metal and acetate materials used in this piece complement both traditional wood office furniture and modern metal desks. 

Desk set

A perfect gift for a newly renovated office, this bejeweled magnifying glass and letter opener set has been made to recreate the artisanal heritage of the renowned Russian jeweler; Faberge. The Romanov Double Headed Eagle, symbol of the Russian Impreial family, perched atop the enamel guilloché handle which holds a gold plated blade. This stunning limited edition Fabergé inspired letter opener would bring compliments to any desk.


It is worth remembering that the ideal office balances the comforts of a home with professional style. Having nice smells adds a pleasant touch to your workday and evokes a sense of tranquility without overwhelming the space. Try the Neom Scented Candle Collection which contains six scented candles: Real Luxury, Tranquility, Happiness, Feel Refreshed, Complete Bliss and Sensuous.

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