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Understated luxury, along with an aesthetic that endures beyond fashion’s cyclical trends is the signature concept for Pinetti.  The brand has turned itself into an all-round luxury lifestyle brand. An appreciation of fine quality and craftsmanship reflect the refined taste of Dappertastic’s customer: a gentleman who only demands the very best that life has to offer.

Make the experience of writing a luxurious one with our selection of leather journals and notebooks by Pinetti. Known for its use of elegant materials, clean shapes, and thoughtful design to craft products which will take your workspace, and your work, to an upper level.

Discover our online selection of leather products which reflect signature materials and colors in the world of Pinetti.

The Leather Tray

This Tray with Taupe/Camel leather holster is perfect for your home, office or yacht.  It’s minimal design, metal edges and luxurious stitching details match a variety of interior palettes and add a flair of Italian luxury to your desk and tables.

The Classis Notebook1.Try the Siviglia Notebook, a perfect addition to anyone’s stationary collection. The sleek and simple journal is a beautifully refined notebook, handcrafted in Italy using soft calf Firenze leather. Pages are bound with a matching string sash. It measures around 12 x 16.5 CM and comes in two classic leather shades: Tobacco and Cream.

2.The Croc: Make a bold statement with this slightly larger choice from our online collection of office decoration. The croc embossed leather journal is a perfect gift for someone special, or a treasured stationary item for your own collection.

3.If you prefer minimal aesthetics, try this classic black notebook made using smooth calf leather. As other versions of Siviglia notebooks, this one also comes with a string sash to bind the papers together. The unlined pages give you the freedom to write or sketch without any restrictions.

  1. The Navy: this one adds a subtle pop of color to your work space. The slightly grained leather makes it a durable option that is sure to stand the test of time. This design is the most simple and classic style that will definitely complement your professional image, whatever is your background.

Combining creative flair with technical skill, Pinetti has evolved, moving from a traditional take on culture – understood to be a form of preservation and promotion of artisan manual skill and technique – to an innovative one, in which culture plays an active role in growth and development.

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