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Working from home? turn your home office into the perfect spot for networking and business socializing. Impressions count, and you will surely leave a lasting impression with this collection of office accessories available online at Dappertastic Dubai. 

Taking a multi-functional approach to your office space is quite a trend these days. Spark your imagination with creative accessorizing and unique staples that echo your personal brand and professional persona. 

The following selection from Dappertastic’s Home & Office collection will surely set your style apart and elevate your workspace to another level.

Pinetti Carafe and tray

Quality craftsmanship comes to office decoration with upscale, sophisticated leather trimmed desk accents specially designed for today's discerning man. This elegantly stitched Italian carafe and tray set by Pinetti will complement your office, home or yacht beautifully. No matter where you hold your meetings, the unmistakable Italian flair will evoke warm hospitality and comfort. The carafe can hold cold/hot drinks for hours, thanks to the double walled glass. Available in two color variations (camel and taupe).

Jimmy Fallon Playing cards

Entertain your guests with this limited-edition playing cards set inspired by the Tonight Show. With iconic illustration elements featuring the New York skyline, Studio 6B, and the man himself: Jimmy Fallon. Made in the USA using FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates. 

The Art Deco aesthetics perfectly complement minimal as well as midcentury office furniture. Its color palette is both formal and masculine.

Imperial egg ashtrays

This assortment of four mini ashtrays depict the marvelous Easter eggs created by Faberge’s master artisans for the Emperor of Russia; Nicholas II as annual gifts to his mother and wife. Faberge was known for its innovative designs and themed gifts which gained immense popularity in Russia and Europe in the beginning of the 20th century. 

The ultra-luxe designs are painted on porcelain and placed in a special velvet gift box. Take a break and enjoy a smoke and artistic debates with your guests surrounded by beautiful imagery and heritage of Russian art. The luxurious accents in this one-of-a-kind set complement classic living rooms and modern majlises alike. 

Browse our online Office Decoration collection for exquisite desk items and office accessories created by talented artisans from all around the globe. We deliver to most areas in the UAE; do not hesitate to contact our customer service WhatsApp line if you require further information. 

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