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About Us

Dappertastic Dubai is the ultimate online destination for men who embrace slow luxury.

Slow luxury advocates timeless designs, creating and buying items for their quality and longevity. The concept is based on the movement towards # slow fashion, as an alternative to the “fast fashion” industry which has a disastrous impact on the environment.

The Dappertastic man invests in good quality, timeless clothing and accessories for his wardrobe and living space. He appreciates the craftsmanship and heritage behind every piece and prefers to buy from brands that combine style and positive values. Because he is not after trendy items, the Dappertastic man does not feel the necessity to acquire new items every season; a philosophy that allows him to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.


“For many people today, true luxury comes from being able to enjoy beautiful things that haven’t had a destructive impact on the planet or on other people. For example, I know many men and women who would pay more, possibly much more, for a luxury item that they knew had not harmed the planet in its production. And if, for example, this item had a tiny detail that communicated to the world that its wearer was not only chic and stylish but also had a conscience and was a good citizen, then would that not be the ultimate status symbol?”
Tom Ford - 2007


We do recognize that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Our aim is to take positive steps to support like-minded clients and suppliers. Each decision we make symbolizes our commitment to define the future of retail in the UAE (Click here to read more about our sustainability efforts)