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Aurora Clock - Mahogany and Ash Wood
Aurora Clock - Mahogany and Ash Wood
Aurora Clock - Mahogany and Ash Wood
Aurora Clock - Mahogany and Ash Wood
Aurora Clock - Mahogany and Ash Wood

Aurora Clock - Mahogany and Ash Wood

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This clock is named after Aurora, the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology. The first unit of measurement which men used to calculate time was the day, which begins at the dawn.

The visible gear of this piece is both classic because of the materials used, and modern because of its unique design. The entirely mechanical piece features mechanisms crafted in Mahogany wood with a structure in Ash wood. The carefully selected woods are enhanced by the brass supporting pins and the spring and bearings in English and Japanese steel.

In a small clock making carpenter’s shop in the Republic of San Marino, creativity and carpentry are shaped according to the history of clock-making. Here, these exclusive and unique time markers are brought to life. The production of only some dozens of pieces a year, all numbered and cataloged, make collectors and enthusiasts of unparalleled and one-of-a-kind objects yearn for these works.

Artist Matteo Tani's primary goal is that of creating clocks with mechanisms made of wood in all their parts, dating back to the 18th century, with modern components and design yet preserving handmade processes to ensure that every single piece is a unique exemplar. Meticulous handicraft construction process and refined design blend past, present and future and give a touch of uniqueness to these works, which hold nature, history and design. Both frames and gears are totally made of wood and carefully finished in every single detail.


• Material: Mahogany wood, Ash wood, Brass, Steel 

• Dimensions (in): W 9.45 x D 6.30 x H 12.60

• Dimensions (cm): W 24 x D 16 x H 32


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Style vibe: Modern classics, minimalism, natural elements

Perfect for: classic connoisseur, man who was everything


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