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Plain Black Socks
Plain Black Socks

Plain Black Socks

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Made from the finest blend of wool and nylon, Corgi's socks are soft yet durable. Perfect for work or casual wear, your feet will breathe easy and enjoy airy comfort the whole day through. Corgi's signature hand-linked toe seams are completely flat, ensuring maximum comfort.

  • Machine washable
  • Made in Wales

Corgi specialises in producing the highest quality lightweight socks, showcasing style and colour in abundance. More specialised are hand-knitted socks. Each
pair is made individually on an age-old Griswold knitting machine using techniques and processes handed down across generations.


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  • The yarns used are natural fibres such as cotton, wool and cashmere purchased from high quality manufacturers based in the UK and Italy. Nylon (if used) is sourced from within the UK. All yarn waste is stored and collected weekly by a local charity for distribution to schools and charities for use in art projects etc. All cardboard and paper waste is collected by a local recycling company in Wales.
  • Support artisans using traditional knitting techniques