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The Sheikh CEO [Book]

The Sheikh CEO [Book]

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The Sheikh CEO - Lessons in Leadership from Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum by Dr. Yasar Jarrar

Much more can be written about the rise of Dubai as a regional business and tourism hub, but this book is not about Dubai Inc., it is about its CEO. It is a book about his leadership style, with lessons on how to lead for success, whether you are building a nation, leading a firm, or working for global impact.

It is written based on firsthand experience working for the Executive Office of Sheikh Mohammed for many years, as well as interviews with people who worked (and continue to work) closely with the Sheik CEO.

It is structured in six chapters, with lessons in leadership after each chapter.

1. The Rise of Dubai Inc.
2. Lead with courage and vision
3. Action trumps everything
4. Never believe that your work is complete
5. Surround yourself with strong leaders
6. Win hearts and minds

It concludes with an epilogue: We shall go to Mars.


  • 212 pages
  • Size: 180 x 240 mm